B-Spec Fiat 500

Just 10 days prior to the SCCA RunOffs we were contacted by our friends at Dodge Motorsports.  Chrysler Group LLC wanted to have a Fiat 500 on display at the RunOffs to help promote the new B-Spec class.  We were asked to assist in the build by installing a rollcage, racing seat, and belts, steering wheel, custom exhaust, and suspension components.  We were delivered a complete car in which we had 7 days to remove the interior, fabricate a rollcage, fabricate seat mounts, fabricate an exhaust, install suspension, paint interior, install safety equiptment, and deliver to Chrysler/Fiat.  We were so busy that we never got to take any photos of the build.  So here is a photo of the completed project at the RunOffs.

Fiat 500 B spec race car

If you have interest in building a B-Spec car please contact us regarding specifics.  They offer a great way to go showroom stock racing without breaking the bank.