Viper ACR-X

We were recently visited by our friend Bruce Kalin with his brand new Viper ACR-X.  Bruce brought the car by for a chassis set-up.  Including;  setting corner weights, ride height, bumpsteer, and four wheel alignment.

Bruce Kalin's ACR-X

The Viper ACR-X as delivered comes with just a street car alignment and street wheels and tires.  This requires about 10 hours of work to dial the chassis in for track use.  Dodge Motorsports offers competitors a shim kit for accurately setting camber and caster.

We start by lowering the car to competition ride height.  Then we set camber and caster.  After that we set bumpsteer.

Checking Front Bumpsteer

We love the fact that the bumpsteer is fully adjustable on all current Vipers.  There are shims under each rack mount and at the rear toe link mounting plate.

Front Bumpsteer Shim Stack

Rear Bumpsteer Shim

The final touches are to set toe on all four corners and torque all the fasteners.